Migraine Treatments

How Cove Works to Treat Migraine

What is Cove?

Cove is the only company dedicated to helping people manage their migraine in the way that works best for them. We offer affordable, FDA-approved acute and preventative medications, personalized treatment plans, messaging access to licensed doctors, a migraine tracking tool, and educational resources all designed to help you take control of your migraines.

How does Cove work?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the personalized, affordable migraine care you deserve, so we’ve made it simple to get started.

1. Choose your plan

Already know what medications work for you? Just let us know. Not quite sure? No problem. A Cove doctor can recommend the right plan for you.

2. Complete an online consultation

Spend 15 minutes answering questions about your migraine and medical history for a Cove doctor to review. They’ll use your responses to make sure your treatment plan is right for you.

3. Get your treatment

Once the doctor recommends your treatment plan and you confirm it, your medications will be delivered directly to your door every month. If you ever want to make changes, messaging your doctor via our secure portal is easy.

What medications does Cove offer?

To make sure you get exactly what works for you, we offer more than 12 FDA-approved migraine medications, including acute medications to relieve pain ASAP, preventative medications to make migraines less frequent, and anti-nausea medication to combat the queasy feeling that often accompanies migraines.

So it’s just medication?

Nope! You’ll also get unlimited messaging access to your Cove doctor, migraine tracking tools to help you learn more about your triggers, educational resources that break down everything you need to know about migraines, and the ongoing support of our dedicated Customer Care team.

How much does Cove cost?

We make treating your migraines as affordable as possible by offering generic rather than brand-name medications. Your treatment plan will range from $20-$55 a month depending on what’s in your plan.

How does the consultation work?

For this one, we’ll pass the mic to leading neurologist and Cove medical advisor Dr. Sara Crystal.

“The Cove doctor consultation includes a thorough questionnaire about the patient’s migraine history, which is the most important information a neurologist needs to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment,” Dr. Crystal says.

And what happens if you need blood work or an MRI? “If a Cove doctor reviews a patient’s consultation and determines that they need additional testing,” Dr. Crystal explains, “the doctor will recommend that the patient see a local provider to get an in-person assessment.”

Have more questions?

Our FAQ section might have the answer you’re looking for. You‘re also always welcome to reach out to our Customer Care team at any time at care@withcove.com.

Ready to get started?

Great! Take the first step toward personalized migraine relief by completing an online consultation with a Cove doctor.