Migraine 101

Learn more about migraines and what you can do to stay ahead of them

The problem

Worldwide, migraines affect 1 in 7 people

This makes migraines the third most common disease in the world. The good news? There are clinically proven treatments that can relieve pain and lessen the frequency of your migraines.

The causes

Weather. Stress. Wine. Sex. Salt. Late nights.

Though migraine triggers aren’t entirely understood (and are unique to everyone), nearly every genetic, environmental, or daily activity plays a role. Keeping track of your activities is a helpful way to identify and understand your migraine triggers.

When it’s something else

Not all head pain is a migraine. That's why it’s important to discuss your symptoms with a licensed doctor to make sure you're getting the right diagnosis. If there are any concerns, they'll recommend next steps.

Common treatments

Depending on frequency and severity, there are two main ways of treating migraines: immediate pain relief (acute) medication and preventative medication. Certain lifestyle changes, like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly also help decrease migraine frequency.



Taken early in the course of a migraine, they relieve pain by blocking the body’s production of substances that cause inflammation.Learn more


Taken early in the course of a migraine, they block the serotonin flow that causes migraine pain.Learn more

All drugs come with possible side effects

While they’re generally well tolerated, acute and preventative drugs do have occasional side effects. Feeling off? Concerned? Speak to a doctor about trying a different medication.

A few things that don’t treat migraines

(No, we didn’t make these up)

Wearing a goat-hair headband

A good look, but a bad cure.

Standing on your head

Impressive, but ineffective.

Putting garlic in your nose

Tasty, but invasive.

Finding the right treatment takes time

Medication works differently for everyone—and at different paces. While the first medication you try may not work perfectly or right away, adhering to your plan and monitoring your progress over time will help you find the right fit.

It’s time to clear your head

Tell us what medication works for your migraines or discuss your treatment options with a Cove doctor.