Keep your migraines at bay

Take control of your migraines with personalized, ongoing treatment from doctors.

Migraines are personal. They impact everyone differently, so we work with you to find just the right treatment.

How Cove Works


Find your plan

Connect with one of our doctors to discover which treatment plans might work best for your migraines — all from home.


Low cost, high convenience

Your personalized supply of affordable, FDA-approved medication is delivered right to your door.


Progress takes time

By using our online migraine tracker, you can see how well your treatment is working, and we can adjust until it’s the perfect fit.

why cove

Leading migraine expertise

With a specialized focus on migraines and ongoing doctor support, Cove brings the best migraine care to everyone.

All from home

Sitting in a waiting room is a thing of the past — and so is worrying you’ll run out of medication when you need it most. Cove physicians are always available, and we’ll automatically send your treatments straight to your door.

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The right price

By building our own supply chain and selling directly to you, we can provide the highest quality of care while reducing the cost of treatments. We offer two approaches to treating migraines: immediate relief and preventative medication.

Plans starting at $25/mo

depending on treatment + $30 per doctor consultation

It’s time to clear your head

Get started with a consultation with a Cove doctor. We’ll take it from there.